la petite palette - handmade brass palettes for watercolor artists

la petite palette - handmade brass palettes for watercolor artists



  • After choosing the desired model from the "Palettes" section contact me via e-mail

  • Describe the model you would like to purchase, the additional option/s (if you want) and other specific desires (if you have) .

  • You will receive back an e-mail from me with information for the current waiting time, the price and the different payment variants.

  • I will ask you to send a deposit of 70 USD (non-refundable!) down the price which will guarantee your place in the waiting list and will secure your order.

  • Once the deposit is received I will send an e-mail informing you that your order is successfully added to the waiting list.

  • When your order is on top of the list and I start working on it, another e-mail will be sent informing you when could you expect your palette and asking you to proceed with the remaining amount.
  • If the remaining is not processed within 7 days of the date it was requested, your order will be canceled and your palette will be offered to the next in the list with the same model order or listed for sale.

  • When your order is ready for shipping you will be notified by e-mail and once it is shipped photos of the completed palette and tracking number will be provided as well. 




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